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Monique Lessan, PI 16007
President/ Director of Investigation
US Office: (415) 237-0077
Turkey Office: +90 531 032 7079
Cell: (858) 568 4972

We have contacts worldwide.

Eye Investigate International headquarters are located in Healdsburg, California, in the county of Sonoma. We cover the entire Sonoma, Napa and Marin county, San Francisco, Sacramento, North and South Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. We have contacts in every state and in most countries. Our international contacts include Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, France, England, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and most of South America and more.

Eye Investigate is an international company and therefore we would be able to assist you regardless of where your case is located. Because of our world association, we would be able to negotiate a better price for you wherever your case maybe.