Translator and Interpreter

Monique Lessan has worked as a contract interpreter for the Homeland Security Ice Immigration on Counter-terrorism cases and has been a candidate for the FBI as a Farsi speaking Linguist Specialist. Monique has also conducted years of French to English translations for companies and law firms located in US and in France. She also translated French to English counter-terrorism documents for a company in Paris.

We provide top quality services for a significant number of Major Corporations, Law Firms and Governmental Agencies. We work around the world in Farsi and French for written translations, transcriptions and verbal interpreting.

Legal Translating

Translation Services

Farsi, Persian and French
Legal translation covers a wide specter of issues as well as a broad range of subject matter. The highest degree of proficiency is needed in order to fuse together the many factors that are present in the Law. Extensive knowledge of very unique and specific terminology is an elemental part of legal translation.

Enterpretation Services

Farsi only
Each year thousands of Iranian visitors travel around the world and take a broad variety of tours. Often language services are needed to help enhance their travel experiences. People travel for many types of reasons: Leisure, business, family matters, and legal requirements to name some.

We can conduct all cases in four languages: Farsi, Spanish, French or English.