Investigative Services

Investigative Services

Missing Persons, Children and Teens

We conduct a complete and thorough investigation for a person who is reported to law enforcement authorities and is classified as missing. Our investigators are skilled at finding elusive individuals. We are accomplished at locating a range of missing person(s), including:

  • Debtors
  • Witnesses
  • Lost family members and friends
  • Absent parents and guardians
  • Will & Probate beneficiaries

Eye Investigate becomes involved for many reasons in the cases of missing and abducted children. It is an unfortunate truth that local law enforcements are reluctant or unable to assist families of missing kids. This is why such a large number of non-profit organizations and investigation agencies specializing in recovery of missing children have begun forming in the last two decades.

There is nothing more rewarding than reuniting parents with missing or abducted child, especially after working closely with the emotionally devastated parents. It has been our experience that there are five types of missing children cases, all of which are nightmares for families:

  • Child abduction by a parent
  • Kidnapping and ransom
  • Runaway children
  • Predator abduction
  • Unexplained disappearance

We use Sophisticated Search Processes when locating a Missing Person...

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Background Check

Investigating the background of a potential hire can help minimize the risk of negligent-hiring lawsuits. Eye Investigate has access to the largest databases of public information in the United States, and we will use them to safeguard your decisions in business and in your personal life.

We perform background investigations on individuals or companies anywhere in the USA. Due diligence refers to the standard of care necessary to prevent the possibility of being held liable for negligence. Background searches can consist of: names used, AKA's, marriage, employment, divorce records, criminal records, financial, civil court, assets, prior address history, bankruptcies, liens, court judgments, corporate search, motor vehicles, driving records, professional licenses, police reports, etc. We will also find out what type of business the person has, an average salary or if he has his own business or corporation, how much money it makes on average.

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Iranian Investigation and Farsi Speaking Investigator

Monique Lessan is a Farsi speaking investigator and has been working on Farsi speaking cases both in Iran and United States since 1993.

Iranina Private Investigator

In case you or your loved one is dating, planning a wedding, you need to conduct a full background check.

If you are a business person considering investing in a new venture, or are thinking of taking on an investor, or going into a joint venture, or considering a merger, you should conduct an assets investigation and Monique Lessan will be able to assist you.

Monique Lessan has worked as a contract interpreter for the Homeland Security Ice Immigration on Counter-terrorism cases and has been a candidate for the FBI as a Farsi Speaking Linguist Specialist.

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Locating Hidden Assets

Hiding Cash, Hiding Real Estate, Hiding Personal Property

If you've won a judgment, but have run into difficulty collecting the court-ordered sum, consider conducting an assets search. We recommend conducting an assets search before suing, to make sure the assets will be available, should you win a judgment. Contrary to popular belief, income is not only what a person earns. "Unearned income" is considered to be income as well. That is, income that is not earned through a paycheck. Examples may include:

  • Rental incomes,
  • Dividends and
  • Interest from stock ownership, etc.

Virtually everything that belongs to the debtor can be construed as income or converted into income for your usage. You just have to know where to look and what to look for.

A Judgment is just a piece of paper until collected. Judgments are not just a debt, they are a court order to pay and they carry all the powers of the court in order to collect it.

Assets come in many different forms.
They could be precious metals, boats or cars, property, or stocks and bonds.

Our asset searches include business ownership or employment, real property, stock brokerage accounts, nationwide account research, account balance, brokerage account locates, transactions, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, motor vehicles, watercraft, etc. We search for and find assets on people and businesses regarding: Divorce proceedings, enforcement of court judgments, investments, joint ventures and acquisitions. We do not use pretext or deceptive practices while conducting asset searches. We use a combination of public, private and court records resources to obtain all information within federal and state laws.

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