Missing Persons/Children and Teens

Recovery of Abducted Children, Runaways and Sex Trafficking Victims

Parental Child Abduction Recovery.

Your child is most vulnerable to abduction when your relationship with the other parent is broken or troubled. The vulnerability is magnified if the other parent has close family in or other ties with another country.

International child abduction generally concerns a child who has been taken by one parent away from the other. Sometimes it concerns a child who has been taken by grandparents, family members or others, away from the parent(s). That child has been then taken without authorization or against existing agreements to a foreign country. Our organization has conducted several successful recoveries. We have recovered children from Singapore, France, England, Mexico and Nicaragua, China/ Saipan/San Diego. See testimonials.

Runaways and Sex Trafficking

In the United States are traffickers who exploit abused runaways or so-called "throwaways" -- children abandoned by their parents and living on the streets. The trafficker plays the role of a father who is offering care to the child, who is vulnerable and what begins as “buttering up” often turns to suggestions of prostitution.

The child, typically homeless and in need of food and shelter, can be "influenced" into survival sex. In other instances, the trafficker or pimp will get the child hooked on drugs and use their addiction as leverage. They also use threat tactics to their families and loved ones.

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Genealogical Investigation and Consulting

Locating your ancestors

We provide consulting services to give you a helping hand with your investigation into your family history.

We can help you organize your information into an comprehensive structure

We can work with you to create a unique research plan that will guide you toward your next step in your research quest, whether it is to ask questions of family and friends or to carry out the research into various record sources.

We will provide timely, organized and accurate reports so that you can follow the research process without any confusion.

Adoption Investigation

Eye Investigate has solved cases all over United States and our dedicated and experienced staff make Eye Investigate the leader in our industry.

Our specialty is reuniting an adoptee with birth parents, a missing father and mother with a child, brothers, sisters and other loved ones around the world.